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    Fuktsensor med fjernstyring for HU-befuktere


    Hygrostat - Remote Control - Humidity Sensor. The HTR-10 is designed to control Contronics humidifiers HU-25,
    HU-45, HU-85 and HU245. It incorporates a very accurate humidity and temperature sensor. A built in heating device in the sensing element keeps the sensor dry in over saturated situations. The heart of the electronics is a Contronics designed and
    programmed microchip. The electronic board is protected against moisture.

    1. LCD window showing actual relative humidity.
    2. LCD window showing actual temperature.
    3. Pushbuttons for control.
    4. Blue LED indicating the actual capacity of the humidifier (identical to the blue LED on the front of panel of the humidifier).
    5. Green/red LED showing the actual status of humidifier (identical to the green/red LED on the front panel of the humidifier).
    Varenummer: HTR-10
    kr 4 911,64 ekskl. mva.
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